Nothing is more revitalizing than the first hints of spring: more sun, snow melting, the smell of the earth, the first crocuses, and the swelling of the buds on the trees.  We feel the earth breathe new life and renew our own desires for new beginnings. 

Nature has her way of making adjustments for the seasonal changes; we need to follow her lead.  As the rains come, the earth gets muddy and holds on to more water. We too hold on to more water.  Pitta (heat) is rising and accumulated kapha melts leading to sinus congestion that is aggravated by emerging pollen and mold (western definition = allergies).

Spring is weight loss time in Ayurveda.  It is the perfect time for shedding the old and stagnant, be it our closets, houses or our own bodies.  Thank goodness Nature provides the perfect antidotes for alleviating the excess water and congestion. 

Now is the time to eat more foods that are light, dry and warm and are of bitter, pungent and astringent tastes. 

Focused self care routines create balance in this transition period. Consider a spring cleanse to purge excess and some ayurvedic bodywork to facilitate detoxification.

Abhyanga or Vishesh?  

Why an oil massage?

  • Produces softness, strength and color to the body
  • Decreases the effects of aging
  • Bestows good vision
  • Nourishes the body
  • Increases longevity
  • Benefits sleep patterns
  • Benefits skin
  • Strengthens the body\’s tolerance
  • Imparts a firmness to the limbs
  • Imparts tone and vigor to the dhatus (tissues) of the body
  • Stimulates the internal organs of the body, including circulation
  • Pacifies Vata and Pitta and Harmonizes Kapha

Give yourself the gift of a calm and peaceful body and mind!